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Our charitable pledge

Not only are our team making a difference by actively reducing the amount of single use plastic going out into the world, but we’re helping the next generation feel more responsible for their choices too. There’s no point continually papering over cracks if we want to make lasting change – we all need to look at the root causes of the problems facing our planet now.

Which is why, we pledge 10% of our total yearly profit to Environmental Causes.

Such missions will be to provide single use plastic educational programmes to nurseries and school, or having reusable bottle refill stations placed in high footfall public areas, keep an eye out in your local train station.

We felt that if we want you – our equally Eco Mad customers to know that your money is making a difference – you’d want to know exactly what that difference was. We also wanted our mission and activities to have as big an impact as possible so it felt to us like a no brainer to be working in an educational capacity. We want to inform as many people on the compound effect of the small changes we can all make just with a few small lifestyle changes and choices. So we’re hugely excited to now be collaborating with primary schools! We want to educate and inform children on how important a part they can play in evoking change in the world and yes you guessed it – just one straw at a time.

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What we do

We’ve only scratched the surface so far of just how much of a difference we’d love to make in the world but give us time – we’re on a huge mission! If you’d like to get involved too then you can start by simply buying our reusable products. The reduced carbon footprint, the switching to eco products plus your donations towards educating the next generation can all collectively start to make a difference.

We’re genuinely grateful for every single purchase of our products as it is a show of hands on who cares enough to make some changes, so for that we thank you. If you also know of any schools or youth organisations who’d love to work together with us on our projects, please do get in touch. We actively contact schools to spread the word but as you’ll know yourselves – the momentum you can build through engagement can really build up so we want to gather as much of this up as we can. Please keep in touch and share our mission via our social media platforms as well as reaching out to us using our Contact Us page – we’re always happy to hear from our fellow EcoMad ambassadors!

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EcoMad are dedicated to supporting future generations

10% of our profit donated to this mission