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Size Guide

They say that size doesn’t matter but in some cases it really does – ask any smoothie drinker! You can see our helpful size guide below which will help you decide which is the best straw to order for the type of drinks you tend to opt for. Please take a look at both the sizes and types of straws before placing your order. That way you’ll know you won’t be getting cheek-ache from trying to drink a milkshake through too narrow a straw – though we can’t deny that wouldn’t make a great Instagram picture!




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How to clean EcoMad Straws

Okay so we can’t ignore the fact that one of the biggest advantages of disposable straws is that they are, well – disposable. So one of the main questions our customers ask are how to keep reusable straws clean? In short – it’s super simple as our reusable straws are dishwasher friendly. 

All Eco-Mad straw packs come with a handy little brush so you can give them a really good clean by hand if you prefer.

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Stop plastic waste and use EcoMad Straws

We’ll hold off on going all eco-warrior on you (we’re not called Eco Mad for no reason!) partly because we don’t want to bore you but also the fact that you’re even reading this already indicates that you care too.

It’s easy to think that a few small actions won’t make a difference but they really do, especially when it’s building awareness of what the ever growing volume of single-use plastic is doing to our planet. So we thank you from the bottom of our passionately beating hearts for doing your bit! One little reminder too which will also help – besides always having your distinctive EcoMad reusable straws on you, don’t forget to ’say ‘no straw’ when you order your drinks in restaurants and bars as many will provide one without asking.

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